pipe threadings Services

Steel Tubing/Stock

steel tubing/stockD&W Mfg. Co. stocks on its floor several sizes of round, square, and rectangular steel tubing, aluminum tubing, brass tubing and reeded tubing in S/B lengths. D&W Mfg. Co. can provide brass plated S/B plated swing arms, antique brass, platted or unfinished swing arms. Also, anodized brass and reeded 1 1/4 x 42 tubing and S/B and running thread nipple S/B nipple. Parts can be plated or painted by finishing company S/B companies.

Pipe Threading

pipe threadingWe thread tubing and pipe on one end or both ends. Threaded pipe is for table lamps, floor lamps, track lighting, lighting fixtures, and recessed lighting . Roll threading is done on 3/8" OD, 1/2" OD, and 5/8" OD. Pipe threads are cut out on heavier pipe and bigger diameters on steel, black iron pipe, brass and aluminum tubing. Tapping machines are used to thread inside of 1/2"OD 16 GA pipes as well as other diameters.


bendingD&W Mfg. Co. uses pines T-3 press bending machines to bend tube vertically. This operation will crush bend the radius sizes that can be bent. Range from 1/2" OD to 1 1/4" OD and from 20 GA to 14 GA. Round and square tubes can be bent horizontally over a mandrel to create a smooth, cosmetic appeareance along the bend. Black iron pipe for lighting fixtures can also be bent horizontally. We have two Eagle Bending Machines for arcs and large radius bends for round, square & rectangle tubing. We have Hand DI-Arco bending capabilities.


man weldingGas Metal Arc Welding, as known as MIG, is used to join two or more tubes together for displays or furniture. This welding method is used most commonly when the cosmetic appearance of the finished product is the most important end result. Spot welding is the most commonly used form of resistance welding. This operation welds threaded inserts inside of tubes or on top of tubing. Spot welding is also used when the design calls for overlapping joints. We have two Eagle bending machines for arcs and large radius bends for round square and rectangular tubing. We have hand di-acro bending capabilities.


cuttingCold saws are used to cut to size round, square and rectangular steel tubing. Tube sizes can be cut to size for immediate delivery.

These services are used for the following industries: